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Original Post:
by: User590155 on Feb 22, 2021


I have been thinking about this topic recently.

I was wondering on anyone's thoughts on whether a spirit can be attatched to a divination tool?

Does anyone here believe this to be possible or have heard of this?

I ask mainly out of curiousity of others belief. But also I have had cards, previously my grandmother's, that have a feel to them or energy about them and despite that the cards are not always nice in their answers; often I receive bad news from them; I adore working with them.

They currently are in a box in storage under a pile of other boxes in the very back.

I also feel very connected with a pendulum I made that as a small jar on a ribbon has a plant sample in it. A particular plant I enjoy working with.

Does anyone else feel connected to certain divinatory tools? For what reason?

I am curious if any others feel that some tools have energy.