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Original Post:
by: Faerie_Witch on Sep 28, 2021

(This invocation is from my own person practice, and is used when I call forth the Faer-Folk to assist me.)

Faerie Invocation:

Reagents / Tools:

- Sacred Space (Such as an Altar, Workroom, Compass/Circle, and/or Out in Nature)


Once your workspace / invocational area is ready through cleansing and charging / raising energies, chant the following.

"Round about the faerie-ring, hear them dance and sing.

Circle high, and burrow low,

Join the faeries as they go.

I call your aid. I sing your song.

Faeries one and faeries all,

If you'll aid, hear my call."

Please note:

Like working with any spirit, one should have the proper protections and set straight and clear guidelines for these spirits in your working (personally I keep a small amount of iron on me).It is also polite and costume to offer them something for their work / coming to your call. I suggest cream, honey or something pretty looking.