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Original Post:
by: GovGoodwitch on Oct 14, 2014

I'm new to spells and the magical realm. I've always been interested in it but just recently started practicing. A spell that caught my eye was summoning a cat familiar. I live in a community where I see dogs a lot and other wildlife but not usually cats. The night after I practiced the cat familar spell I was walking along a busy highway when my friend pointed out a kitten across the street. I saw a frightened orange kitten begin crossing the highway when I screamed out in fright that it was about to be hit. When I screamed the cat ran back across the road. When traffic cleared I ran over to it and scooped it up. It purred surprisingly calm in my arms as if if knew me. I immediately knew that the spell had worked and I had summoned this cat. I tried to look for it's owner and began knocking on neighborhood doors to see if it had belonged to anyone and the answer was continuously no. I put the cat down to see where it would go and it began running around in circles and acting very strange as if it was possessed. I didn't want to frighten it anymore or cause it to run back into the busy road so I began walking away hoping it wouldn't follow me and get hit. I went into a gas station and walked back the same way hoping to see the cat again but when I returned to the area I had seen it, it was no where to be found and I got an eerie feeling that the cat had completely vanished. I am completely convinced this spell worked and it was my doing that brought the cat to me but I am wondering what it means. I kind of feel as though I did something wrong by leaving the cat. I don't want to create any bad karma or offend the spirit that I summoned. If anyone has any similar experiences, tips or explanations please let me know.