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Original Post:
by: YouOnlyLive on Mar 02, 2014

Hi guys! I'm new to this and was wondering if someone could make a spell that would summon either a companion wolf or dragon. I'm constantly under a great deal of stress and depression, and people have a hard time understanding me (call me emo if you want, whatever explains it better). I can't get a dog when living with my parents, and the dog we have isn't really as comforting since she isn't as intelligent as a dragon or wolf would be. All of the spells I find either involve something I don't have (altar,third eye, ruby/diamonds), something I can't do (draw, burn something important, shout as loud as I can, lucid dream), the spell looks unprofessional and I can't trust it, or it just doesn't work.
Could someone please make or show me an existing spell that would work? You would be doing me a HUGE favor. Thanks!