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Original Post:
by: Karurosu_4 on Sep 17, 2017

Hi I've rarely needed help from anyone on this forum but there is a time for everything. to provide enough information for anyone willing to help I will explain as briefly as possible.
So throughout my life my grandmother has told me about her experiences with spirits and magic, one story in particular has stood out to me, someone she did business with was visiting her home to make a payment, she went to another room to get a paper for him and when she returned she noticed he hurried from her shelf back to his chair, when they finished she went over to the shelf and noticed he put ashes in to a knick knack of hers, soon after her neighbours saw the same person putting ashes and rice around her house. she was never sure what it was about and i also wonder because I feel whatever it is could follow me my siblings, or my cousins around. and also she has seen a man in a trench coal and a big hat come around and watch her in times of trouble but shes never been scared of him what could it be? a spirit of protection, or the spirit of a family member who has passed? this also intrigues me because many of my family members have seen this figure including my mother she said she was out late when she was young and the figure wouldn't let her pass for about an hour like it was keeping her from harm. If anyone has a similar story or knows what these things mean please let me know.
Regards,moonlightprince (k4)