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Original Post:
by: AstralCatz on Apr 07, 2017

Hey all! Thank you for taking the time to read, and possibly anwser these questions. I have multiple questions and I will do them in numerological order and I request that if you are answering only one question you tell me which number it is. Thanks! ^_^

1. I have always felt drawn to healing magic, and have always held on to my will and wish to help people. Is it a thing that someone can be drawn to a specific type of magic or is it all in my head?

2. Can anyone give insight into how many healing spells are "fluff" spells, and what to look out for when researching them so I don't waste time on them.

3. I understand that most healing magic if legitimate, works with nature so I assume it would take a long time still for the healing to occur. Is there such thing though as healing magic which works fairly fast? (Not like in movies or anime where wounds heal instantly, I just mean noticeably quick.)

Thank you!