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Original Post:
by: User313654 on Jul 04, 2014

Hello Everyone;

Lately I've been praying that God will make me so busy, in a good way, until I forget about some people. Such as my Father and his family. I've been the black sheep for so long now until I'm just tired. I'm so ready to forget the pain and madness, is there anything I can do? I wish that I had amnesia or something, to where I could forget that he never exist, because I simply didn't in his world. God knows I loved my Father, but today I do believe he was part of my blockage to receiving my good gifts, because of all of this bitterness and resentment I've been feeling. I'm ready to let go and live, without looking back. I don't want to make anymore phone calls, ask my family how he's been, no more sending Christmas cards, just me reaching out. Not to be cruel about it, I just want to imagine him just gone, dead. Is there such a thing to have this to happen? All responses are welcome, thank you :)