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Original Post:
by: Notda0ne on Jun 18, 2014

I find that I have deep feelings for a deeply troubled friend who clearly has difficulty loving himself, let alone anyone else. I would love for us to move from a struggling friendship to a healthy romantic & passionate relationship. I want only what is best for him. I believe we are soul mates, brought together for a reason. I find that his suffering causes me to suffer. His self-destructive behavior has led him to return to the arms of a manipulative, crazy & abusive ex girlfriend who used to stalk him, causing him to shiver in fear, blockading himself in his home. I've never met anyone who changes the locks on all their doors & changes their phone number twice to get rid of someone, then invites them back into their life. He admits to being afraid of her again, & drowning his fears in bourbon rather than accepting my offers to assist him in finding his strength & taking charge of his life again. His paranoia has caused him to even fear me at this point. Can anyone recommend some spells to restore the positive energy that once existed between us so that we may both move forward in peace & love? I've looked through all kinds of spells for love, health, you name it... I can see that many are pure rubbish, but my magic is weak as all of this has weakened my mind. I'm not experienced enough to weed through all of them to find the right set to achieve my desired ends.