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Original Post:
by: S.Baron on Jan 25, 2019

This is a post on how to protect yourself when it comes to dealing with other witches and your own magick rebounds. When it comes to witchcraft you shouldn't expect everyone to play nice and fair, and if your good at what you do, you should just assume your targeted or will be, call that the tiny pessimist in me. One form is using a witches protection bottle i find they actually do work and they are down right the easiest creation you will ever make. Its a bottle filled with various materials from your home like broken glass, rusty nails, old food, booze, urine & finger nails (yours), needles, yarn, herbs and etc etc (check sources for full details on a witches bottle). The idea is to create a "net" of your trash and body clippings that act as a dream catcher for nasty spells and workings. When they are finished you either store them in the ground or walls of your home, i try burying mine as deep as i can get it. You really don't want people getting access to these, they could be used against you if found by another caster, and even so another person's interference could sever the spiritual ties.

Next on my list of protection is a simple witches bell and i have touched base with the use of bell and if you haven't read that post well they are just awesome. Sound is energy, so the bell effects both physical and spiritual workings at the same time making them the superb witches tool. Each bell is different of course, i personally believe the smaller the bell is the more powerful the sound waves created. The bell also represents the element air, which considering the effects the bell has and what it is defiantly fits well. The reason the witches bell is on my list is because its easy to obtain, it drives out negative influences before and after rites, and it can be personalized with sigils and charges to each castors own taste making it a fantastic protection tool for everyone.

My last form of protection uses only visualization and energy work and is very commonly talked about, if you haven't guessed it im talking shielding . Shielding is complex to teach because each castor has his or her own form of shielding and i couldn't imagine every technique being the same. The idea is to surround yourself metaphysically with a hardened material, impenetrable force, or layers of elements to block out all the extra in the world you simply could do without. This technique actually took me some time to learn, i found i couldn't visualize the correct formula to make the perfect wall of protection. The only thing it took was the understanding of impenetrable forces and how each of them work, understanding how strong a brick wall is compared to titanium, or the difference between steel and copper, what elements cancel out the others, and which ones work best with each other, its all apart of the cause. I preach on the same thing a lot but its true, magick does not just happen you have to understand why it works and how it works. Our minds are powerful everyone knows that, just like with shielding you have to fully visualize every aspect of your wall or shield to make it indestructible but i promise once you found your formula your set for your own magick accidents and the effects everyone else trys throwing at you.

These are only three methods of probably tens of thousands that can help protect you against magick and your own repercussions when dealing with spirits, dangerous spells, and people. Feel free to share with us what you use for protection and as always blessed be!


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