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Original Post:
by: Izabella16 on Jul 29, 2017

Hello everyone. I'm Izabelle and I'm new here. I'm not a witch. It's a honour to Be here. I feel drained and very tired. I have a lot of issues and I need peace and alone time. It's about my boyfriend. We are together for 12 years. I cannot break up with him. He is a very dangerous man,very angry and manipulating.he always harrases me,saying that he will kill me If I break up,he beaten me lots and lots of times..please don't judge me,I am afraid. He is taking all my money.every month. Ge is a very selfish personaj,he has to nave everything and me nothing. From next week he's supposed to move in with me(I don't want to!!!) and I'm afraid. I Simply want him gone forever. I don't want him to die or get sick. I only want to live in peace without him. Can somebody help me,this is my only chance.please.