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Original Post:
by: MoonAries93 on Oct 06, 2014

So I have been CONSCIOUSLY working magick for the first time this year (I capitalize consciously because I see I have always cast spells, however now I'm doing so with my knowledge/awareness, lol) and I've come across this sentiment over and over, and I've seen it to be true in the things I have manifested. Forgetting or at least putting the spell out of your mind. How does one go about this if there's something you are really wanting to manifest? And soon?

In the past months I've cast a spell and forgot about it and it came. But it was just something I did at the moment and didn't care for too strongly. And perhaps beginners luck? I worked a spell and upon meditating on my intent, 15 minutes later something happened - won't go into to details. But just like that, boom. And that was the last working I've done thus far. So I feel I was slightly spoiled from that, lol.

Anyway, I get impatient, and I want to see something manifest quickly. We all do. And I get that one must be patient and let the magick or working do it's thing. But I want to know how you out there handle this. And are you literally forgetting a working, or do you know you did it, but you busy yourself with the daily routine? How do you deal with getting antsy? I guess I want some advice and thoughts on this theory.