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Original Post:
by: User300604 on Oct 01, 2014

Now, this questions is asked and answered numerous amount of times,"Why are there a bunch of fake spells on here," well to tell you the truth, the Admin, doesn't have time (and who would blame him) to go through the Spells or Articles to figure out which one is real and or fake.

This is why he created the "Fantasy" section on the site, there are "hundreds" of members that join Spells of Magic each day, out of those "hundreds" some or most go onto the "Spell Casters" coven and joins it, then they either go onto the "Spells" or "Articles" and place fake stuff.

Now as stated in Pet's profile, he only has a short time to Administrate this site, so he rather fix bugs, and make this site usable to the members.