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Original Post:
by: cukli on Jan 30, 2013

Hi , everyone , first post here. I wish to tell you a very very different concept of magic from what you all know , and most likely believe. A short prologue is in order i guess.

I've tried normal spells....candles....such....things , they never worked and then i met the most interesting person ever. That person came right about the time i started High school (in eastern europe high school is pretty much....the followup of elementary school , i know that it differs in some parts of the world.) so she and i began talking , and somehow came up to the talk of the supernatural and paranormal. What she told me , shook my world.A 233 year old heirloom book , written by her great great grandmother , was passed down to her in a will (from her grandmother) the book contained some rather.....insane things incomprehensible since it was written in the old slovenian tongue (for unknown reasons , because the normal language was...pretty much in order at the time). So we took it to a professional to translate it for us. When we recieved the book the man just took his money and would not contact us anymore. As we started reading , we learned that it contained some rather interesting stuff such as instructions to gain control over your own body (in every aspect) , instructions to manipulate the dreams of yourself and others , the most amazing part was how it was written , there was no such part where it said ....imagine doing something and say a couple of words , it taught you how to Will things to be. P.S. The book has been validated by a museam for its age , i asked her if she would be willing to let me take photoes of it and post it up on here , but she sadly refused (bummer for you and me). So now ill tell you what the book instructs , as the most general form of will power.
The contents of the book sound wierdly scientifical , and more like pseudoscience then magic.

The mind , body and soul are connected within a thin strip , the soul residing in the heart , transfering energy throught the bloodstream which is gained from digestion. The mind resides in the head (im guessing it means brain , but they never specificaly said it) it recieves energy from the the body , and gives commands in return.The body is the instrument of your will , when you learn to control it , it will be yours and yours alone.

The mind is in constant chaos , today stress and the general hardship of life will make your will way way less powerful.We are so caught up in our lives and the stress that we do not even think clearly anymore , we think with words , except by just knowing the answer. The reason we cant channel the power of our will is because we dont know how to. When you move your arm , you do not think in your mind with words "arm move" , it just moves , thats how magic works when you want to do something other then the basic arm movement , such as the willing dialation of pupils , telekinesis (Movement at range in latin , and no telekinesis is not the stuff of fantasy nor was it first seen in videogames and fantasy novels as some people claim) or the ability to manipulate your body in ways unimaginable.

So to learn magic , you need to unlock its true meaning (some people may say we've already done that) but in truth , i dont even think you know what knowing the meaning of something feels like anymore.Once the pupils (reffered to as the eyes) are dialatable at will throught constant self awareness and will you will be able to progress further.

Also meditation (some people say its , sit down and focus on one thing until you are focusing solely on it , but the problem is people think with words that they are focusing, so they dont get anywhere) the book claims , focus on nothing , focus on you being you , dont think it with words , just know it.

Throught following the teachings of the book i've learned to dialate my pupils , heat different body parts , fall in a complete trance with no awareness of myself or anyone else , stop intense pain with sheer force of will , incorporate strenght into ligaments allowing me to run for twice as long without any form of practice , be extremely calm in face of....horrible horrible things (Getting an F on a test lol).

While my friend (she's been doing it for way longer since the book is at her place and i only have the copy of a translation and an missing any form of illustrations) has been able to influence others , turn on lights by touching them , healing a 4 milimeter cut in less then 24 hours a grow her nails within 3 days (how happy for her). So if this helps you , feel free to ask questions , but telling me "This isnt like that , its like this wont matter to me whatsoever , because i know what i've seen working and what i havent seen working" , feel free to comment.