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Original Post:
by: magickprince on Mar 24, 2008

I've explained this to some of you in the chatter but I just want to inform everyone else who I haven't told because this I find EXTREMLEY surreal: Usually I don't use Tarot cards, but a couple of days ago I wanted to ask a question on the Tarot page of this site which is when I noticed the strange image; on the homepage of the site where it has the Tarot card tab and two Tarot cards as icons, well if you look VERY closely at the Emperor card you can see a U.F.O. in the background. I did some research and discovered that the Emperor card has a relation to faery lore. I've been working on this theory with alot of evidence that faeries are the hosts of U.F.Os and this is a great back-up, but I just wanted to ask why the person who created that card added in a U.F.O. and whether it is a sign.