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Original Post:
by: User214580 on Jan 20, 2015

Sad news today on the site. We have lost a beloved friend to so many. Sue has left us, but will never be forgotten. Linda posted this poem for her and I will share it for you all here. Please feel free to leave a remark to show just how loved she really is. Fly high sweet angel, we all love you!

Do not weep for me for I have not gone. I am the wind that shakes the mighty Oak. I am the gentle rain that falls upon your face. I am the spring flower that pushes through the dark earth. I am the chuckling laughter of the mountain stream.
Do not weep for me for I have not gone.
I am the memory that dwells in the heart of those that knew me.
I am the shadow that dances on the edge of your vision.
I am the wild goose that flies south at Autumns call and I shall return at Summer rising.
I am the stag on the wild hills way.
I am just around the corner.
Therefore, the wise weep not.
But rejoice at the transformation of my Being.
(Author Unknown)