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Original Post:
by: User682713 on Sep 14, 2023

Although I'm new here I'm not new to the pracice of magick. For me protection means many things. It was something I regarded as a special thing when I was young, that protection came from others not myself. Well, that turned out to be a childhood shadow! I mention protection because in order to be safe the main problem is believing you are safe! Spritis only harm you in any sense if you believe in them. I do not. Once upon a time that wasn't true. I believed anything and everything that came to my attention. Live and learn. I laugh at myself now because it took me this long to believe not to believe is a form of protection! Crazy eh?

So there is magick and there is magic. I knew a real practitioner as a child and didn't realize till later what a huge effect that would have on my mind and path in the now. It still has a major effect because of love, the love of someone I thought of as benevolent. Long story short, I keep him in a special place in my heart and thoughts and hope that the mistakes I made along the way are not going to keep me down. My xtian upbringing certainly didn't help me find my path, as it was forced upon me. So now I renounce all religion just because. I practice some rituals and meditation, read tarot etc.. Anyone can do that without religion! Okay am off my soapbox and down to earth again. Thanks for reading a little about me. Feel free to friend me if you are of legal age. Otherwise I cannot accept any random friends. Cheers!