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Original Post:
by: Winterfairy3 on Jan 30, 2017

I have used this website for some weeks now, meaning I'm still a newbie to most of you.
I have always had a strong connection to the unseen. I have a strong 6th sense, I sense phonecalls, people coming, waking up before things happen. I am also a very sensitive person, both on my own behalf and for others.
My eyecolour changes with my mood, between green (happy),brown (down), black (angry).

I see things in number, mostly repeated in 3. My birthday is the 3rd of December, and like every person I feel my own date is magical.
I have always been superstitious.

However, I'm not sure if I got magical abilities. That's probably what I'd like to get help with.

Thanks for reading to whoever finished my long paragraph.