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Original Post:
by: AddamJet on Feb 11, 2016

Hello, my name is Addam Jet as you can see by my very creative name, I live in a community where almost everyone believes in God, but not in any type of magic, and there is no such thing as gay. Every one is straight, that's what God decided and a guy can't like another guy (like the guy right here).
I think you've heard of d?j? vu. The thing is that I have very intense ones, and they last a lot. Let me give an example. Let's say that I see a green apple and a red apple. In the d?j? vu, I pick the green apple and I know it, so in reality I pick the red one. Is that psychic or not?
Another thing would be that I see weird shadows and have premonitions and other stuff. Almost every day when I stand up my vision goes blurry and I feel a pressure-like pain in the occipital lobe. I have a friend that has the same psychic powers and the same problem. Is this something normal?

Thanks for reading my post and feel free to coment if you can relate to this or if you have answers.