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Original Post:
by: Yugen on Feb 28, 2018

When I was young I was ABSOLUTELY terrified of my mothers room. No matter what house, state, or country. Wherever she slept filled me with what I can only describe as gut wrenching fear. As I got older I started to question her about it. She told me that a man of shadow stands at the foot of her bed every night and stares at her, he has also shook her awake one time. I was curious and began to avoid even walking past her room when i didn't have to. I nearly forgot about him until one night when I was 15 on the back porch smoking a cigarette (dont judge) I saw him. He was a pitch black solid form that looked to be a massive man. I have never felt anything like that fear in my life. I'm actually crying while I type, just thinking about it is paralyzing. Neither of us moved for however long I was out there, then he disappeared when a car drove by. That day I asked my mother for all the information on him she knew, I wanted the real story. She told me that it started outside at night, IT would follow her and pop up in the corner of her eye, always at a distance... always the feeling like it's right behind you. As she got older it got closer and clearer. Until one night she saw it in her bedroom just inside the door. Now it stays right by her bed, never moving. I asked my grandmother about it and she told me that the same thing happened to her, she just never talked to my mom about it with my mother. Now its happening to me, I'm 18 years old and I still see it outside, but I now its getting closer.

What is it. I have done a lot of research on my 'shadow man' he is not a "shadow person" because every description of them has them as figures that are hard to see and vanish when you try to look at them. Although there is a few stories about a famous shadow dude called the hat man. he very nearly fits the bill, except mine doesn't wear a hat..

Other accounts: I've never had anyone tell me of a similar sighting. Although, my mother has seen a 'demon' It came to her room and screamed bloody murder. She described the 'demon' as a "smokey gargoyle" and said that it also terrified her but in a different way.

The fear: I think this needs explanation, If you've ever had a panic attack, anxiety attack, or an episode of flaring p.t.s.d. Then you've had a close second. (I've had all 3 so I speak from experience) The only way I can Describe it is to say that it's all 3 of those rolled into one and aimed at you from outside with no warning, suddenly you have all this suffering inside of you..

What I want from y'all: What is it? any guesses? explanations? I've tried everything i can to get it away, but it comes back..