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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Re: Information on jinn
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Original Post:
by: User448010 on Jun 03, 2016

Hello.Per request of a few people in chat,if you're reading this you know who you are hehe,I've decided to make this post as there doesn't seem to be much knowledge about jinn among people in general.Right,so where to start.Well firstly,jinn are not spirits,as is a missconception,they exist as people do,and are as varied as us,only there exists a let's say curtain in the eyes of humans so we cannot see them,animals can though.
Jinn are composed of two elements,fire and air.They are creatures who in the blink of an eye can travel great distances.
The misconseption about them is that they can fulfill wishes,Aladin's lamp and all that asorted wash.They are not miracle workers nor spirits that are bound to the service of humans easily,in truth they are very akin to humans.They eat,drink,they get married and have children,though unlike human woman where the child count is usually one or two or three babies at once,jinn woman have about nine children at once,so birth is particularily difficult for them.Jinn are creatures who far outlive humans,in normality,teenage years for a jinn are from 150 to 200 years,and they usually live for thousands of years.Some are even immortal ( though it is rare to find a common jinn live past 2000 years ).When I say they are like humans in almost all aspects I mean it,they have doctors whose medicine far outpasses human medicine,they have news anchors,normal working jinn,etc.They also have different religions like us humans,and you will find jinn in all types of religions,the three abrahamic ones,aswell as pagans,bhuddists and on,the only difference being that jinn are far more devout to their religions than us,too devout in retrospect.They also practice magic,and a jinn that practices magic is something to be feared indeed.They also look simular to us humans,with a few differences here and there,their eyes are more angular and look almost like the eyes of the people who live in the Phillipines,they're ears are cat like,they have horns and tails,but other than that,everything is the same.Some jinn have wings for flight,others dwell in vast oceans and waters of the earth ( swimmers ) and all of them are capable of covering extreamly vast distances within a blink of an eye.There are many types of jinn,but here I will name only a few prominent ones :
1 ) Marid - Large and imposing, the marid are considered the most powerful tribe of jinn. They are the classic genies of folklore, often portrayed as barrelchested men with booming voices.Originally sea-spirits, they are often associated with water, and thought to take sanctuary in the open ocean.
2 ) Effrit - Intelligent and cunning, the effrit are thought to live in complex societies similar to those of humans. They are said to prefer caves and under ground dwellings. Though ostensibly demonic, they are changeable in nature, and capable of becoming pious and good.
3 ) Ghouls - This tribe of jinn has traveled north and west to become a common English- language term for ?undead monster.? This is pretty close to its original Arabic connotation; ghouls are zombie-like jinn who haunt graveyards and prey on human flesh. They are strictly demonic and incapable of goodness. Often portrayed as nocturnal.
4 ) Sila - Talented shape-shifters who are more tolerant of human society than other tribes of jinn, sila are most often portrayed as female.Extremely intelligent, sila are nonetheless the most rarely seen of all the types of jinn, and appear only sporadically in folklore. There is speculation that the term sila might be related to seelie, a Middle English word for ?a good faerie.? (This would make sense, as sila does not appear to correspond to an Arabic root pattern.)
5)Vetala - The original vampires, vetala are semi-malevolent spirits,they can possess human corpses and prevent them from decaying, and in so doing trick human beings into believing the vetala is an ordinary person.However, vetala can also change shape at will. They are natural psychics, able to foretell the future and gain insight into the past, as well as read the thoughts of others.
These are just the few of the most known types of jinn who inhabit this world.
They are also numerous in colour,even moreso than us humans,so you have : 1 ) Black jinn,which are the oldest and the most powerful ones,and they stand as kings to all other jinn
2 ) Blue jinn are second in power and elongivity to black jinn
3 ) Red jinn,which are children and teenagers,alongs with many other colours.
If you've had any thoughts on summoning jinn and trying to get them to work for you,I'd recommend putting those thougts to rest,as the summoner always loses out in the end.Let me put it this way,they can do whatever they want with you,and you can't do anything about it.People which associate with jinns do not get wealth nor privilage,they are forced to live in garbage,eat human excrament and commit disgusting and heineous deeds to win their favour.They enjoy playing with humans and more often than not,they will betray or even kill the summoner .Jinn usually live in abandoned places like old deserted buildings,houses,garbage dumps,deserts and other places with little or no traffic by humans.If a person tries to move in to a place which is allready inhabited by jinn,they will be attacked either phisicly or in any other way to get them to leave which leads to the misconseption that the place is inhabited by ghosts or evil spirits.This is only a fraction of information about them,but my goal here is to inform people,and to keep would be pact makers or summoners away,it's not worth it.Anything else,feel free to ask me.
All the best.