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Original Post:
by: fullmoon1012 on Mar 02, 2016

So ever since I'm little I have seen things, mostly things others wouldn't see, and still do. I believe in Angels, Spirits, Faeries and many other stuff, and believe I've seen them. But I'm not entirely sure about this one thing. When I was young (a weird story but anyway) i had seen a figure appear as a white glow. Ever since then I have been sometimes seeing that (what I believed to be an angel). I can not hear it that much, only occasionally but it does physical things to communicate with me, sometimes I can do telepathy with it too. So.. I dont see angels as much as i see Spirits or Faeries, so I'm wondering if this really was an angel or something else? Usually this is the only angel I've seen, or being that looks like that. Anybody know? I'm not experienced with angels.. Only fae and spirits.
Blessed be ~