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Original Post:
by: Kryshna.I.A2 on Feb 08, 2016

So... things have been happening recently in my home. Last night I took my camera and decided to see what I'd see through the lenses. I saw a disembodied face whose mouth kept moving up and down, right next to a shadowy firgure. Now, I know it was right next to my oven, but my oven is white and it seemed like there was a shadowy arm over it. I tried communicating with the head that I saw. I asked it to reveal itself, and the shadow appeared right beside it. It seemed like the shadow was holding the head.
Things have happened in the past like this. Usually I cleanse my home every week or so, and I have seen this spirit before. It doesn't seem to want to leave, and I'm honestly getting sick and tired of my cat appearing in the basement when the door to it is locked. I'm pretty sure I know what's going on, but honestly, I think this is more than I can manage. If you guys know anything, please comment. This has been happening for the past few months, and I'm not one to ask for advice, but... It's come too far.