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Original Post:
by: darkphoenix2 on Feb 26, 2015

A high percentage of enslaved Africans in the pre-civil war united states were of Congolese origin. They brought a sophisticated system of magic with them to north America, where it merged with European folk magic, Native American, and other African traditions to form a whole new magical system now called Hoodoo. A practitioner of Hoodoo is very closely related t New Orleans Voodoo; the names are sometimes used interchangeably.
Hoodoo is a system of practical magic, not a specific spiritual tradition. Hoodoo practitioners may belong to any or no religion. There are pagan, atheist, and Jewish Hoodoo workers for instance. Some Hoodoo traditions are intensely christian. Many Hoodooers incorporate sacred texts into their practice, especially the book of psalms or the book of job.