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Original Post:
by: Chaosxbliss on Jul 28, 2014

I'm currently looking into three different paths of magick to decide which I want to follow. Gypsy witchcraft is one of them, along with Shamanism and Voodoo. I'm posting forums, trying to learn about them each so I can better decide.

I know a bit about Gypsy witchcraft but not much. I'm interested in it because of the connection with nature, the psychic powers and fortune telling, and life path I've read about and done research on.

The questions I have:
1. Whats the basics of it?
2. Whats the basic history?
3. WHat spirits/deities do they honor?
4. Do they have rules or traditions?
5. WHat other forms of spellwork and magick do they do?
6. Any tips or techniques?