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by: User277392 on Dec 02, 2013


Goddess of The Protection of the Royal House and of the Two Lands.

The Goddess that grants birth and Joy.

Protector of Women and Children.

Protector of the Felines.

The Grand Goddess who brings Good Fortune.

Along with Dance and Music.

Goddes who is Beautiful with every Step.

Cautious but full of strenth.


Appearance -Of a cat or Human Form with a Cats head. At ancient times she was first depicted in some arts as a Lioness.

Sacred Animal : Cats

Symbols : cat, lioness, sistra, Udjat-eye.

Area onced Worshipped Delta city of Bubastis.

Other names : Bast, Bastis, the Tearer, Bubastis, Pacht, Pasht Pasch, Ubast, Ubasti, Ba en Aset(the soul of Aset)

Other Titles: "Lady of the East", "the Light Bearer", "Lady of Truth" and "Goddess of the Birth Chamber"

Offerings : Sweet liquids mint, catnip, honey, raw meat, perfumes and ointment

First Appearance Around 3000BC.

Bastet is seen in some text as Daughter ofAset andOsiris . Sister ofHorus . As well as other text she has been seen as the Daughter of Ra. Bastet was said to be the daughter of Ra himself and legend has it that she defended her aging parent against his only real enemy, the serpent Apep, a representation, no doubt, of the eternal force of evil or darkness.


Cemeteries of mummified felines have been unearthed by archaeologists bastards of English merchants sold thousands of those mummies as fertilizer.