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Original Post:
by: mademoiselle on Dec 11, 2013

Pulling negative spirits into salt

There may be times when someone has sent morts, or other negative spirits to do damage to you and your home, or there may simply be a rise in negative energies through mental illness, uncleanliness, etc. This method will pull those energies out of your home.

What you will need:
4 black candles
1 white candle
bowl of salt
cup of water
clean white altar cloth

Place the altar cloth on the table, then the bowl of salt should be placed directly in the middle a white candle placed in the center, the 4 black candles should be placed at the cardinal corners and lit, do not light the white candle until the black candles have burned down, the black candles will pull the spirits into the salt. Once they have all burned down, light the white candle to trap the spirits in the salt, once the white candle has been burned down pour water into the bowl of salt, neutralizing them. Dispose of the salt water outside your home, preferably in a garbage type area, like a dump or a sewer.