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Original Post:
by: User465225 on Sep 29, 2016

Just another prayer from my prayer book.

Oh,Lady Skadi!

Skadi of the Winter,

Skadi of the Mountains!

On this auspicious night,

I kneel before you!

Oh,Lady of the Winter!

How can I end,

Praising you?

Oh,Lady Superior!

The ever-mighty!

You are inferior,

To one one!

Your ravishing Name,


Is sealed

On my heart,

For eternity!

Your winter

Equals heaven!

Your bow ( and arrow)

Is like a dagger,

Pointed towards evil!

Oh,Lady of the bow,

This child of yours,

Calls you!

Lady,this child's heart,

Is empty!

Fill this child of yours,

With your mighty,


Lady Skadi,

I ask no more,

For today.

Oh,Lady Winter,

I thank you,

from the bottom,

Of my heart;

For heeding

The prayer!

Please add your opinions about the prayer!

Thank you for reading.

May Lady Skadi bless you and help you prosper in life!