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Original Post:
by: User323731 on Sep 08, 2014

Hail Frey, Lord of the fields! Lord of the Vanir, Golden of hair as the fields of wheat, Bringing riches of heart and hearth To noble and common folk alike, We hail you with the corn that springs forth And falls again to nourish us. We hail you, mighty boar in flight, Lord of the phallus that gives life, Lord of Love that is bound to land, Love that is bound with commitment, Love that does not come easily, As one must toil for the harvest. Teach us that love is worth working for, And that work is worth loving, And that neither lives long without the other. Lord Frey, Corn God, Husband of Gerda the etin-bride, You who can warm the cold heart, Warrior without a weapon Who gave your sword for love, You who make the grain spring forth, Show us faith in every springtime.

Source: Pagan Book of Hours or