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Original Post:
by: xmaryjayyx on Mar 05, 2023

I?ve always wanted to do deity work but, I always felt who I was meant to work with would come to me at the right time. Recently I started seeing spiders everywhere and practically over night my bedroom door only was covered in webs, none around the door or the rest of the hallway. I felt like it meant something and started looking into who it could be but, was quickly overwhelmed by the number of possible answers. I then talked to a friend who does deity work about it, she asked if i had been feeling any of a number of things, all of which I had though 2 things stood out strongest. She asked if I had felt urged to a better relationship with myself, and if i had felt pulled to anything new to self express specifically anything like jewelry. I had been reevaluating my relationship with myself and had not only just bought new jewelry but, i went on a 2hour mission to find a specific pair of earrings that I could not get out of my head. Now, here?s where I really get flustered; my friend thinks its Aphrodite, however i can find nothing tying her to the spiders but, at that same time I realized my recent tarot readings have repeating patterns of symbols generally associated with romance and imagery of sea life appearing on the cards I pull. Im so conflicted at this point because even if it is Aphrodite I?ve had a difficult time finding much about working with her, which also makes me feel its not likely her. If someone would please give me some insight on what or who they think and point me towards useful information on such, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much and apologies for the length, I wanted to make sure anyone with insight had as much detail as they may need.