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Original Post:
by: Kuarehime on Apr 13, 2018

I've been practicing for years, but this is my first time looking into a community.
I noticed that there's a lot of terminology I don't know and I'm hoping someone can clarify some things for me.

Each of these is something I'm looking for an explanation of:

1. I've connected myself to others with what looks to me like a silver string pulled tight. It's can't be moved by physical means, but it can be created/connected or severed with willpower. I've never been sure what to call this connection. When I focus on one of these, I can feel various emotions and thoughts from the other side. Likewise, it appears that if I focus my thoughts on a connected person, they think of me as well. There have been many cases where the person will call or text me within a couple minutes, often when I have my phone in hand and am prepared to message them.

2. I've managed to project my thoughts to others many times. It's easiest when the target is asleep. I usually wake them up by mentally shouting their name at them while I focus on them. I don't do this unnecessarily, and I usually use it to wake someone in a public place so I don't bother anyone else. Only two cases have actually been confirmed with me and the rest have simply resulted in confused looks from the recently awoken person. Sometimes I can't tell if I actually did anything at all.

3. Sometimes I end up empathizing with others. Not in the sense that I understand their situation because I've experienced it, but in the sense that I can literally feel what they are feeling. Sometimes I feel only emotions, sometimes a physical pain is present as well.
Sometimes I do this on purpose because someone has been complaining about a pain and I want to help ease it. I've had a close friend meditate for a couple minutes while I focused on empathizing so that I could focus on the pain and try to pull the sensation away. After she finished meditating, she was surprised to find that the pain was gone. I didn't tell her exactly what I did, but she kept remarking about how amazed she was at how well meditating worked. Specifically, she was experiencing back pain and a headache.

4. I've had cases where I feel like something bad will happen, soon. Every time it happens, I act on it and try to avoid doing whatever I would have normally done in that situation. At times it has prevented apparent disasters. Other times, I can't tell if anything was avoided or not.

5. If I focus on any specific point on my body I can feel my pulse at that point. I can focus on my fingertips and increase the bloodflow to them, warming my fingers slightly. It feels like I'm following a map of my own nervous system when I find my focus for a point. Is this a rare thing? I've only ever heard of a small group of monks who have managed to do this by meditating for close to five minutes.

Any explanation would be appreciated.
Even if you don't have exact knowledge on the subject, an opinion helps, too.