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Original Post:
by: User512750 on Oct 01, 2017

Hello, I am new and so excited I found this site. Because I live in a very small town of only 400 people, I am solitary & have been for many yrs. I always wanted to be a part of a Coven and maybe now though SOM I will be able to & I can feel complete.
My question is a very serious one about teasing & mocking. My very young adult children make remarks they think are funny but it is due to ignorance. However, my husband thinks it is funny to always make off-handed remarks that are just plain cruel.
When I ask him what vehicle I should take to work I will get something like "Well aren't you taking your broom?" Today I told him I was tired of the fly's & how do we get rid of them (we live on a farm) and he said: "Get our your wand"!
I have asked him many times not to make fun of my beliefs & how it is not funny and upsets me. He still finds his jokes funny. I can not do a spell to have him hold his tongue because, in order to do so, I must ask for his permission & that is a lost cause.
ANY help is greatly appreciated. So glad I found this site. It has been a lonely Witchy existence for the past 20 years. Now I finally have people who I can relate to :)