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Original Post:
by: Annadell on Feb 25, 2017

I'm new here! Lately I've been feeling drained and full of fear. At first I thought it would just go away but it hasn't. It started a couple months ago over the summer. Usually I'm a happy outgoing person with a positive outlook on stuff but nowadays I've just isolated myself and do stuff by myself. I'm not depressed, I don't harm myself. I've also been having nightmares of myself getting hurt and other terrible things. For the last couple years, people in my family have been dying, from aunt committing suicide,(two more suicides) and recently my grandfather passing away. I don't know what the causes of this could be. Another question, I received a gift from someone I loved and our relationship ended but I still wear it. Right now I don't think we are on good terms. Can this gift be a link that diverts their negative energy towards me? I've taken it off. Anyways, please tell me your thoughts or suggestions!!