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Original Post:
by: User425007 on Feb 02, 2016

While I scroll these forums I have noticed a rather large misconception in the personality description of the deity Lucifer. Many have called him the "King of Lies" or "The Trickster Devil", flat out "The Deceiver". However it is needed to be addressed where these misconceptions derive. In Lucifer's rebellion from God he used deception and craftiness, not to lie however, but to spread truth. For he deceived not his fellow angels or man, but He who the rebellion was against, God. Only to God and those blinded by his slavery is Lucifer the "King of Lies". In fact, the name Lucifer can be roughly translated to "the morning star" even more roughly translated "the bringer of light". Lucifer represents knowledge, truth, and enlightenment. His deception was not to condemn humanity, but to free them with the truth. He fought to free us from bondage, he would never lie to us, the idea of his lies is only through the eyes of those in servitude to God.