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Original Post:
by: Whynickwhy on Jul 16, 2015

last year I really wanted this boy to like me and I made wish and kept thinking that it was gonna happen even though I was skeptical that It wasn't but later on we started going out and manifested him into my life without even knowing. But while we were together after we did stuff he started acting weird and strange and he left me for someone else and him and his friends bullied me and everything. And his girlfriend would always stare me down. And now I'm trying to manifest him back into my life and it seems like it's taking forever and like it's not even working. It's like the world is against me (my spells don't work either) and then one day I started to give up but I kept seeing the number 7 everywhere and sayings like it's "coming back"or "coming soon" and I'm very confused. I just really need help please.