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Original Post:
by: solitary.w. on Feb 17, 2015

my friend recieved dreams that told of a supposed witch`s council that told her to choose a path and then gave her the protection spell. she had never been to this website or knew of any such magic. when she told me of her dream i told her everything. turns out the protection spell word for word is the exact same as one given by a pro on this website. we looked into it. she also had a dream that a mermaid came to her and said, "moonlight at night, sunrise at day, mermaid will come to you if you will only pray to the mermaids, the mermaids of the sun." we thought about the mermaids of the sun part and found that Apollo fell in love with a sea god once and there child would therfore be a siren or mermaid (if taking after the mother) we think they were trying to send her a message. another dream she had had her standing in a dark alley while practicing magic. then a "shadow-thing" came over her. it whispered "its real, all real, if its real." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? we are new to magic and need a guide. specifically we would like word from RyuzakiL.