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Original Post:
by: Albibify on Dec 03, 2014

My dreams have told me things in the past - usually I interpret them too late. However, two nights ago I had a dream that disturbed me. I dreamed that I was watching 4 children dressed in Victorian bedclothes in a house that had a few inches of water flooding the rooms. They did not seem concerned although I felt something terrible was about to happen. Sure enough the next scene in my dream was of a large bed with the same 4 children laying dead - eyes open, in black and white like one of those haunting Victorian photographs. My Dad's wife was sitting on the bed telling me that the poor children had been electrocuted in their sleep and I felt so much pain and anguish as I screamed in horror as those children were mine. I awoke puzzled as I only have the one child an he is very much alive! What does this one mean as I just cannot fathom it out.