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Original Post:
by: DarkVane666 on Jul 06, 2014

So something strange happened on last Tuesday I had a normal day for me and I simple went to bed very tired because of the day so I went to sleep at about 7 I fell asleep I do not recall having any dreams. So what the strange thing is I woke up but it was not waking up I felt my eyes open but I didn?t see my room I saw nothing but I could hear a howling like from the wind and a rushing noise. I felt something was coming towards me and when whatever it was turned the corner to my hallway I felt my eyes see threw the thing moving down the hallway?s eyes. I was in the hallway but I didn?t feel like I was physically there I was moving faster than I have ever gone before and I could see my body up a head and I went into my chest and awoke. When I woke I breathed deeply like I hadn?t breathed all night. What the heck could this means or what the heck happened can someone help me figure if this means anything?