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Original Post:
by: JamesTheD on Feb 08, 2014

Ok so I have an interesting question,but first let me explain what I want to do. I have studies spiritual activity for most of my life. And the common known fact is that places with allot of spirits get allot of psychical activity generated from said spirits. What I have always wanted to do and figure out the best way to do it since I was a small child. Was put as many spiritual entities into a single place as once. My general idea is I will by a very large plot of land. Create a protective circle stretching all of the land. At different parts of the circle have alters build specifically to empower the circle. Now what I really want is the circle be built to let things in but not out no matter how much or how powerful the entities are within the circle. At the dead center I will have built a 2 story house with several levels of basement. In this house I wish to place every item believed to be haunted/possessed. All in protective cases(both physical and spiritual). Now I would love to pick an area already very dense in spiritual energies. So my questions are this. Does anyone know a way to bind a spirit to an item or place(or both). And what is the best kind of circle to use for this as well as ideas for how to actually make it. I was thinking glass pipes of salt(and I would need a bunch of salt) or would any kind of element work like Iron? Also before people kinda freak out I would be aim very specifically towards very harmful and negative spirits for 2 reasons. 1. They always seem to have the most energy output compared to other spirits And 2. Taking negative spirits and locking them up would probably help out the people they are torturing. Also I would love to do this in a place where one of these "Gates to hell" are supposedly but I would prefer to make one myself if someone can help me figure out how. Unless of course what I am already planning on doing would make one xD.