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Original Post:
by: Marksoul on Feb 04, 2014

what I want to ask is what you guy feel when you practice open third eyes ? I ask this because i have weird experince why practice open third eyes . I don't use those practice on this page i just read it and made one practice for my . First time it kinda normal like they says hrobbing or tingling sensation in my forehead . But after that it turning to weird . if i imagination the charkra go circle than I will have the third eyes is go circle and it won't stop until I losing my breath .It like if i breathing normal than i have to slowing it down from 3s for 1 inhale to 2s for 1 inhale to ....Like i says if i breathing normal again it will dispeard. So it is my wierd experince . Can anyone tell me what going on or it just normal .