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Original Post:
by: Osiris554 on Jan 24, 2014

Maybe someone can give me some pointers on ways to medtaite and things to focus on while meditating. I've read various how to meditate guides on this site and off-site. Even armed with that knowledge I don't seem to be able to acomplish it. I guess to be more accurate when I begin a meditative session I begin putting a goal in for astral projection into my mind. I just got done trying to do this. I put some headphones on and turned on a binarual beats clip I located on Youtube, and a blindfold to help block out distractions and focus my mind. After a while I'd feel a jerking sensation like a tug in a random part of my body, and it'd grab my attention bringing me back to being "awake". This continued for 45 minutes finally the clip ended and I immediatly woke up but it took a minute to actually get moving. I was laying down because sitting lotus style started to make my body ache. And while laying down I had to change resting position because after a while my body began to ache again.
I know this is a lot but I figured the more info the better less I leave something out. If anyone can give me some advice I'd appreicate it.