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Original Post:
by: Pariah on Feb 27, 2010

(please respect this post it is morally repugnant to do nothing but throw insults at a well thought out and meaningful thread, I hope somebody gets something out of this)I figured that it was about out of time for me to post somethin a little bit out of character for me (well, out of character for those of you who dont know all aspects of me). Actually though, I imagine that some ppl will bash this entire thread due to lack of understanding...or they might be bashing the thread for that reason...instead it might be because they know that it is right. The first thing I am going to type is called The Confession of Personal Worth and is meant to make you feel like you are not alone and that you do have worth within your life.

I am an awesome spirit being/ of magnificentworth as a person.

I am deeply loved of God

I am fully pleasing to God

I am totally accepted by God

I am absolutely perfect like God

As a person in God's sight.

And when my person is expressed in my performance, The reflection takes on the hue, tone, and color of my personality. Therefore, I am dynamically and individually unique...There has never been another like me in the history of mankind, Nor will there ever be...

I am original,/ one of a kind/ really somebody,/ and so are you!!!

The Four False Beliefs

1.Performance Trap- I must be adequate,competnt, and achieving in my performance in order to feel good about myself as a person.

2.Approval Addict- I must hve the acceptance, respect, and approval from significant others, and not lose their acceptance, respect, and approval in order to feel good about myself as a person.

3.Blame Game- I must be good, and anytime my behvior is bad I must feel bad aout myself as a person in order to feel "cleared" and good about myself again.

4.Shame- I must be what I have always been to maintain what self-worth I've got because thats just me.

Now, let me explain what these four false beliefs mean. I would go as far to say that every person on the face of the earth has at least one of these four false beliefs...It is from these four FALSE BELIEFS that we often draw our self worth (self esteem, how we look at ourselves, etc.). We basically create our self image in a totally unhealthy lie. Ya, sure you might think that it benefits you but you never stop to consider the people you are hurting in the process. For example, lets say that you go to the doctor to get a test for STD's done. As soon as you walk into that office and get that test done your total self worth is essentially in the hands of that doctor your complete self image to yourself and everyone else hangs in the balance. And finally you get the news...You are HIV positive. You see, if you hadn't been living a lie and getting your self-worth in all the unhealthy manners then it wouldnt have mattered when you put your self worth into the hands of the doctor. However, because of the False Beliefs that you had been living, the doctor actually got to be the judge when it comes to the entirety of your self worth.

Now lets swap scenarios, lets say that instead of going to the doctors office, you have died and made it to Heaven, Shan Gri-La, Val Halla Paradise whatever you want to call it in your partiuclar belief and you are going to get judged by your maker. He holds every second of the self worth that you have built up in a life time in the palm of his hand. Each little speckle of your self worth looks like nothing more than a grain of sand in his palm. And he must judge you. As you watch your Higher Power standing in front of you a tiny gust of wind blows and takes the sand away with it, leaving you with no true self worth because it was all based on lies. If you had not followed those four false beliefs, then this wouldnt have happened. The only thing that your Higher Power does after the sand blows away is look down on the ground because now you are not even worthy to look them in the face...

In conclusion, I want everyone to seriously look at those four false beliefs and see where you fall into them. If anyone wishes to have the solution to their false belief(s) just post a comment on this thread. Keep in mind, the solutions will indeed come from the Bible, but whether you believe in the Bible or not, it can make some pretty dang good advice ~.^



PS I found a lot of these papers today, they are actually from the time that I was in rehab...^.^