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Original Post:
by: Obscurus on Jan 07, 2010

Just to share few of my own condition oil recipes :)

Be gone police oil

Oregano either 10drops ( e.oil ) or 1 teaspoon
Tansy ( 1 teaspoon )
Fennel seeds ( a good pinch )
Licorice root ( 3 pinches of chips )
Powdered eggshell , ( small pinch, added in each bottle made )

Add the Herbal blend in 30ml of oil , leave it to stay atleast for a week, and best if sits for a month. Strain, and in each bottle made add a tansy flower, few licorice chips and pinch of eggshell powder.

If You can obtain Major celandine add some of it's orange color juice to finished oil to color it ( orange color for situation or event controlling ) and because it is said to keep law officers away , Only If You have it , oil shall be equally efficient without , this way would be just fancier ( de lux version )

Cut and clear oil

Lemon leaves ( 9 of them )
Lemongrass ( if oil nine drops , nine pinches if herb, or nine chips )
Lemon verbena ( teaspoon )
Lemon mint ( teaspoon )
Some pine needles ( approximately dozen )
Eucalyptus essential oil ( just a few drops )

Top all with oil .
Leave Lemon leaves in each bottle .

Fast Psychic oil

7 drops of anise essential oil
7 drops of jasmine fragnance oil
7 drops of lemongrass essential oil ( optional )
Yarrow flowers ( teaspoon )
Flax seeds in each bottle of oil made ( teaspoon aproximately )
Base oil 20ml
If You are going to dye this one use purple or blue dye .

Mind that these are mine own formulations , therfore not the oils You can purchase online. However that does not make them less effective , base ingredients are used according to Hoodoo tradicional oil recipes and others are added according to Hoodoo herb magick correspondences.

If You would do something different You may state so , post a reply , but as long as it is consistant with Conjue tradition .
If You have any other suggestions , or any advice , remark , complimet , comment etc . please feel free to post it .

Blessed be!