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Original Post:
by: Neiph on Apr 23, 2014

I just finished a guided mediation to connect with your God or Goddess, and I quite expected, if I had anything, to connect with my patron, but instead a woman came forward to me.
I know she was Greek, which makes sense since I've always loved Ancient Greece and their Gods, as she was wearing a greek toga dress. She had a friendly but sad face it seemed, and her hair was a coppery colour.
When I asked her name all I got was 'Cass...'.
So immediately after I googled 'goddess cass' and it came up with Cassandra the Greek Goddess of Prophecy.
What amazed me what when I looked at the images for her, (very few) she looked exactly the same as I had seen the woman, especially her hair.
Now I've never even heard of this Goddess let alone seen a picture of her.
But from I read she was a prophet of sort who was killed by Agamemnon's wife.
So what I am saying is, is it still possible for her to be my matron even though she was human?

This also makes sense as I've always been sensitive to things concerning the future, especially extremely strong deja vu, and have had more than my fair share of prophetic dreams which have come true.

Sorry for the badly worded question but I'm still kind of buzzing from it, although it's leaving my memory rather quickly :)