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Original Post:
by: Rekhet on Mar 31, 2018

Hello everyone!

The Council of Earna is one of the oldest covens on the website; created by Azil in 2009, it stands as a coven with an illustrious history. Within the years since then, we have experienced three eras of leadership and through each era the coven has become more centered on our goals. While some covens have transformed due to the changes -becoming far different from what they once were- we have remained solid and resolute.

Our coven originally focused upon being a group, a council, of experienced practitioners of all paths dedicated to protecting and fighting for those in need, to protecting our fellow peoples of the world. If you find yourself dedicated to the idea of right and order and protecting it, fighting for it, your place might be here with us.

We do not, however, have a sense of self-righteousness nor do we deem ourselves fit to judge others in doing what they feel is right. We simply are joined together by our desire to protect ourselves and others, in any and every way we can. We will stand up for ourselves and others.

It is due to this goal, this focus, you may also find yourself turned off our Council; after all, we are far from a white magic/k coven. You may also find yourself better suited elsewhere for we do not mock our fellows on this website and we accept many unverified personal gnosis. Do not mistake us for a coven of roleplayers though; we do not accept claims of physical shifting nor flying like Superman.

We accept people of all experience, however be warned that we have advanced topics within our forums that you may not be ready to try for some time.

If you find yourself interested in our Council, please have a photo and biography, apply to our group, and send the following to our Priest, Rekhet:
What is your preferred name and pronoun?
What are you experienced in and how long with each?
How active can you you be within our coven?

Should you have any issues with a photo and/or biography, please include this in your application.