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Original Post:
by: MapleMay on Mar 31, 2019

Hi guys, I am May.

So, I have been collecting crystals for a long time but I have not used it in a magical way or anything, I just like to stare at its beauty.

Well, now I want to make Crystal Elixir for my garden, like for watering plants. To my very little knowledge about crystals, I believe they change or charge the water and its frequency if I put the crystal in a glass bowl and place it in water?

I am just not sure which crystal or crystal blend to use for my garden, I've seen some posts about clear quartz and aventurine? but I am not sure. If possible, I want to make elixir specifically for Aloe Vera plants, it's been underwater and burnt by direct sunlight because I don't know what I am doing. I just want to aid its healing process and help make it juicy and everything.

If anyone has any suggestions or if this is not even possible to do please tell me, I cannot find a lot of posts related to this topic.

Also Sorry for anything grammatical or spelling mistakes as English is not my first language.

Blessed Be