Wind Spells

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Spell Index => Weather Spells => Wind Spells

Controlling the weather takes a lot of magic power. Controlling the wind is no exception.

There are usually no negative concequences from casting a spell incorrectly, but you may need to cast the spell several times before any effect can be seen. It is not uncommon for even experienced magic casters to fail at these spells.

More Free Wind Spells

Cloud Chant
Control the Wind
Four Winds
Harness Wind Energy
Pair of Wings
Rain Fall
Storm Calling
To Call a Storm (Rain, Wind)
Weather Jinx
Using Nature for Wind
A cold front spell
Air Control
Air curve
Air Psi Ball
Any Wind
Avian Spell
Basic Wind
Basic Wind Spell
Become a wind mage adept spell
Blow Someone Away
Breathing Smoke
Bring on a Storm
Bring Wind
Bringing Winds
Call a Storm
Call On The Rain
Call the Spirits of the Wind
Call the Wind
Call the Wind
Call the Winds
Candle in the Wind Prediction
Cleanse nearby Air
Control the Wind
Control Wind
Controlling the Wind
Create a Thunderstorm
Deliver Message by Wind
Dragon of the Wind's Wings
Eastern Wind of Borus
Element Fairy (Air Fairy)
Elemental Protection (Works)
End a Drought
Fair Wind
Find Your Element
FUUTON psi technique
Give me Wind
Gust of wind
How to make Spells
Latin Rain Spell
Legendary Wind Wolf
Magic Keep Me Warm
Make it rain TESTED
Make the Wind Blow
Making Air Weapons
Manipulate The Air
Misty Winds
No Wind
Protection in the Snow
Rain Spell
Run Free with the Wind
Safe Flight Spell
Snow Prayer
Spell of the Rain
Spell to Halt a Storm
Stop the Rain
Stop the Storm
Storm Spell
Summon a Tornado
Summon the Wind
Summon Wind
Summon Wind
Summon Winds
Summoning A Cool Breeze
Sunny Day Spell
Telekinetic Wind
The Dragon of the Winds
The Vortex of Magdalene.
Thunderess Skys
To Make Wind Blow Harder
Tornado Fist
Travel Protection
Turn Someone to Stone
Vaporize an Enemy
Voice of the Wind
Weaken a Storm
What Witchcraft Really Is
Wild Fire
Wind Assistance
Wind Ball
Wind Bound
Wind Calling
Wind Curse
Wind Knots
Wind Of The North
Wind Power Spell
Wind Song
Wind Spell
Wind Spell
Wind Spell
Wind To Blow Spell
Wind/Air End Spell
~ Angel Wings Transformation ~
Call Rain and Stop Rain
Channel the Wind
Control Magic Wand
Control the Wind
Control Wind Speed Spell
Force of Wind
Grant Wishes
Immortal Bow
Make a Storm
Nature Prayer
Rain Spell
Simple Air Manipulation
Strengthen Wind
The Beautiful Voice Spell
To call the four Winds to Blow
Weather Invocation
Wind Maker
Wind spells/ Viento
Wind Summon
Wind Summoning
Winds of Fate
Bring Forth the Rain Incantation
Become a Drinker Spell (Vampyre)
Become one with the wind (Permanant)
burst of the storm(Only for experinced elemental mages)
How To Control The Four Elements
Super Snow Storm Convergence Spell
Superior Air Spell (Easy, used for protection and Attack
learn to fly
rain spell
wind control
wind spell 1
Control the Wind
Finding your Element
Hand Wind Burst
Hurricane of Protection
Power of the Mist
Rain Storm
Stopping the Wind
Subtle Feeling
Tornado Control
Whistling up the wind
2 Simple Cloaking Spells
Advanced Aerokenisis
Air Control Techniques
Air Element Affinity
Air Transfer
Archangel Wish
Avian Wings
Basic Wind Sell
Become a bird
Become a Witch
Block the wind
Blowing the Wind
Bring a Storm
Bring Travel Spell
Bring Wind and Rain
Call a Storm
Call for a Windy Day
Call The Rain
Call the Wind
Call the Wind
Call the Winds
Call the Winds
Cause A Hurricane
Cloud Magic
Control the Winds
Controle The Storms
Controlling Wind
Dancing Tree
Disperse Clouds
Druid Song
Elemental Control Spell
Elemental Rain
Fail Proof Wind Spell
Fast Wing Spell
Four Elements Wish Spell
Get Faster Spell
Green Wind
Healing Cup
High Winds
How to Meditate
Latin Wind
Levitating Things Using Wind
Make It Rain
Make it Windy
Make Wind Stronger
Making You Fly
Mermaid spell
Moving Clouds
Pair of Wings
Psi Ball
Rain Calling
Sacred Art: Wind Moving
Shadow Gust
Snow Day Spell
Speed Spell
Spell to control the wind
Stop Rain (Weak)
Stop the Rains
Stop Wind
Strong Winds
Summon a Wind
Summon the Wind
Summon Wind
Summon Winds
Summon winds
Summoning Rain
Sunny Day Spell
The calliing of a gale
The Power of The Diamond
The Wind Spell
To Bring Rain
Top Tornado
Tornado Fist
Turn off and on the Wind
Twilight Spell
Voice of the Wind
Wave Song
Weather Changing Spell
Whirlwind Charm
Wind & Air Call
Wind Away
Wind Blows
Wind breath
Wind Control
Wind direction or dry spell
Wind Obey
Wind Power
Wind powers (Tested)
Wind Spell
Wind Spell
Wind Spell
Wind Summoning
Wind/Air Begin Spell
Windy Day
Zeus Son
Bring the Rain
Calling the Wind
Control Air
Control the Wind
Control Wind Speed Spell
Flame Typhoon
Gentle Breeze Stop
How To Gain Wind Powers
Make a Decision
Move a Flag in the Wind
Raging Winds
Shadow Land Wind
Snow Spell
Summon Winds
To Bring A Storm
Turryl Vela
Wind Control
Wind Spells
Wind summon
Wind Summon
Winds of change
Winter Storm Spell
Heavy rain and wind summoning spell. It really works.
Elemental Powers (Hard To Harness)
Become one with the wind (Temporary)
Elemental Powers (Hard To Harness)
How to Find out if you Have Earth Magic
Wind Powers (Revised and Tested
air ball
making fairy dust
spell for rain and a storm
control wind speed spell


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