Wind Maker

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • . Focus ( lots of it )
  • . Voice
  • . Belif

Ok all you really have to do is concentrate and believe! Really works

Casting Instructions for 'Wind Maker'

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Ok this is very very simple

all you need is tostep out side ( not very windy so its not hard to know )

and focus sit down and clear your mind of every thing

then say

Turn and turn nd turn once more, i see the what but not the when, remedy, and wrong entwine, and so they form a single vine

ok now just say that a for a while and a small brezze should come after a few rounda of saying it

now kee going it might get stronger! Practice is everything after a while you will notice you will only need to say it once or twice and a huge storm is already forming! And after a LONG time of practice you will be able to contral where it goes and how strong and you might ( this only will happen if you practice ALOT ALOT ALOT ) be able to tell it hey go blow over tht car! or see that tree? blow it down! but be careful this is one where it MIGHT back fire and you will only be able to tell it to do that stuff maybe over 11 months or more its takes time making a brezze or a tiny wind is easy if you have troubles or have a question feel free to mail me NO HATE MAIL


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