Psi Ball

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Source of energy (Ex. sun, earth, light, etc.)

Detailed instructions on how to make a psi ball.

Casting Instructions for 'Psi Ball'

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1) Meditate first. It helps with making the psi ball. Also, do a cleansing the aura spell before it. You have to do the cleansing aura spell at least once a week if you are going to make this psi ball.

2) Collect your energy. Just close your eyes, and hold or stand on or touch your energy source. I usually collect my energy source from the earth, so I just stand on the ground. Visualize the energy flowing into you to where your touching your source.

3) Cup your hands like you are holding a ball.

4) Visualise that there is a hole in each hand, and energy is coming out of it and forming a ball. If you do it successfully, you should either feel heat or cold (depending if it is an ice ball, water ball, fire ball, light ball, etc.) and/or you should feel tingling on your palms.

5) Program it! You want your energy ball to do something, right? Tell it what you want it to do. Ex. Give someone a message, etc.

7) After you program it, throw it like you would with a physical ball. Then that will send the ball to your destination you programmed it to go to.

Note: Psi balls could also be used for defense. You could make a fire psi ball and throw it at someone, or you could make your psi ball so big it could build a shield around you or another person. This very advanced, so this will only work if you have a lot of experience in making psi balls.


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