Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • Patience

I see many people who try making psi balls and fail..because they ONLY use their own energy, which is wrong. So, here is a technique that worked the first time I tried it and it was amazing! Good luck.

Casting Instructions for 'Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way'

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Before doing a psi ball (chi ball/energy ball) you should know why you are using it, or what you are going to do with it.

You can give someone protection, or luck, positive dreams, give them a jolt of energy, cause a psychic attack, bring happiness, strength, or you can even make it rain, sunny, windy, or manifest something, use it as a wish spell, etc. There is so much you can do with a psi ball! And the good thing about energy balls, is that you don't need candles or herbs or crystals, however, if candles, herbs, crystals, etc make you concentrate, than use them if you wish! Use a candle if you are especially connected with the element of fire.

Before I begin, I just want to say, everything below is from a girl that goes by the name Skye. She's amazing, and she's the one that wrote this technique, so I am taking NO CREDIT.

here is the link: w/12947846-basic-energy-work-psi-balls-

However, if you are not a member of the site, you can't read it. And, I think this is some pretty important information, so I wanted to share it! Here you go:

Making energy balls is all about feeling energy within yourself. In most cases however, if you are using the energy for a purpose, it's best to take from the Universe. The Universe is far beyond what we humans can take from it, so don't feel bad about taking it! The Universe is full of raw, loving, positive energy. It's meant to be used!

I will give steps for both methods.~~

1) Sit up straight, cross-legged, as if you were going to meditate. I mean, it technically is a form of meditation, haha

2) Hold your arms and hands up as if you are holding a ball. Hold your hands apart by about 2 inches or so. If anything, Think of it like Goku performing a Kamehameha Wave. It's similar. In fact, if you'd rather, there's TONS of videos on YouTube about making energy balls, if you need a visual! :D

3a) To use your own energy, which I actually do more often: Close your eyes and imagine either-- --Your energy flowing through your body like your blood.

OR --Your energy centered at your core/Solar Plexus (yellow chakra behind your naval).

Then, imagine it going up and out your arms' length, into your palms and fingers, and out into the space in between. Imagine it forming into a ball shape (it can be anything, but they're not call balls for nothing).

3b) To use the Universe OR Mother Earth's energy: Close your eyes and imagine either-- --White light coming from the Universe, down to your body, through the top of your head, through your arms, into your hands. OR --Golden light coming up through the floor like vines, wrapping around your legs, slowly progressing up your legs, into your body, up and out your hands, into your hands.

4) You will feel ANYTHING from--


--Stinging / Pins and Needles



--Electricity-like tingles


This is only a small list. It doesn't have to be these things, but these are the most common things felt within the person's arms and/or hands when doing this.

5a) If you wish to make the ball bigger, slowly spread your hands farther apart, while keeping focus on the ball. Going back and forth slowly and lightly, as if trying to press your hands together, should allow you to feel the ball.

You should feel a sort of force or energy is there (duh lol).

5b) If you wish to make the ball denser, same thing...Except, slowly bring your hands closer together to push the ball into a smaller shape.

In both cases, you may add more energy as you wish. How much goes into it, its shape, its size - all depends on you. Have SOME freedom with this. :P

6a) If you wish to just use a ball for practice, whenever you feel ready, just slowly lift your hands and release the ball, like you're releasing a bird to fly. The energy will disperse into the air. Open your eyes and that's it!

6b) If you wish to use the ball for something, you must first Shell it. To do this, imagine more energy going around the ball, creating a casing/shell/shield, once you feel your ball is complete. Doing this will give the ball a ''solid'' outside, keeping the energy held together. That way, once it's released, it will not disperse.

7) Programming. This is the term for putting a task or intention within your ball.

There are multiple ways to do this-- --You may give the energy into your ball with the intention in mind (ex: you want to heal someone, so you focus your energy in a healing nature, put in healing energy) OR --You may wait til the ball is complete and shelled. Before releasing it, you may either think intently on what you want it to do, or physically tell it what to do. Keep the intention there until you feel the ball ''understands'' the programming. OR you may do both, if you want to be super sure.

~A note on Programming: Only give it simple, single tasks. If you want it to do a number of things, it either will not do certain ones, or it wont do anything at all. For starters, give it one simple task.

Also, it doesn't always work. Even I have had times where the ball doesn't do its job. It happens. And it's alright! Failure happens. It's a learning experience. No shame in it.


And that's it! See, it's basic! If it helps, you can imagine the energy as ANYTHING - fire, water, air currents, electricity, shadows, light - anything that's easy for you to visualize.


Love, Toxxic xoxo


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