wind control

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • youself
  • spirit(you)
  • nice weather
  • windy but stormy is not required
  • also too weak is not good
  • wide area
  • clouds (beginners)

this teaches you to control wind one direction only.

Casting Instructions for 'wind control'

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get into open area.
lie down and watch yourself so that clouds are flying from up to down from your perspective. you see clouds flying by.
feel your position and watch sky and how clouds are running.
now think on this...
i am one with the earth.
clouds are not moving , i move with the earth. keep your eyes on sky and not visualize.
you should feel a big feeling while moving with the earth. do everything counciously. remember the feeling you get.
change ur position opposite. feel, then again at 1st way. so do it 3 times(2 times when you see clouds going from up to down). do not do this too long. if you get the feeling then around 20 sec is enought.
stand up.
now you might be dizzy,but relax till you feel fine.
feel how wind is blowing on you at the back. try to stand so that wind is blowing your back. feel more and more wind. think that i can control this wind with the power or earth. you remember the earth power? combine your feeling with wind. wind is light, earth is pushy. combine think. ican do this. i want to do this becouse its so powerful. continue till you end in subcouncious mind.
practise till you find yourself actually doing it. subconcious is vital for all magick.

for advanced you can do it on distance. then you have to feel the distance and the area you want it, as well the wind itself. but this case preferably on trees. if you know how to control wind you dont need to get earth power any more. also possible to do in half councious/uncouncious and get double feeling, becouse u feel with physical body,while spirit(you) is doing it.

note:this is actually not earth power but feeling moving. its easyer to explain saying earth power.
note that actually clouds are moving but in order to get the feel you should think opposite.


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